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Your quest for the perfect gear, be it fishing or home improvement, ends here at Harty's Fishing & Hardware. As the local beacon of supply, we stock everything from angler's bait to zinc nails.

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Great service & local knowledge

"Awesome store for all your fishing gear and hardware. I went there to get our rods re-spooled and new tips. Easy to get done. Will get all my other fishing accessories from here as well. They even have bait. Great service and local knowledge. A must-visit for mums dads kids and those who are serious about fishing"


Staff are lovely & helpful

"Excellence fishing and tackle shop. Purchased squid and anchovies, went to my local spot, had a great time and cought Snapper, kawaii. The staff are lovely and helpful. If they don't have it they'll order it. Parking at the front is easy to get to great for the family. If you are passing by i'd recommend stopping."


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Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm
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